K.O. Homelessness is a non-profit charity I formed to provide support for two very worthy causes my mother, Rena Rowan Damone, began in 1995. My mother teamed up with P.E.C. of Philadelphia to establish Rowan House, a transitional housing facility for single women with children. They have a proven track record of success and they administer Rowan House. Besides temporary housing, Rowan House offers many services and programs to enable these women to become self sufficient.

In 1998, my mother joined Sister Mary Scullion and Project Home in Philadelphia to form Rowan Homes, whose focus is single women with children, although Project Home deals with all categories of the homeless. Like P.E.C., Project Home oversees the operations of Rowan Homes. Both these programs have been very successful and are run very efficiently. I think they serve as great models for similar charities that combine local, state, federal and private monies to get started and operate.

On June 14, 2011, my mother suffered a serious stroke and after successful surgery, she’s making a slow but steady recovery. My mother asked me to help continue what she started and that is the main impetus for this cause. I promised her I would. With the recent worsening economy, donations are down and people can’t afford big ticket fundraisers. I wanted to come up with a less expensive way for everyone to be able to contribute. I came up with k.O. Homelessness due to the fact that I have managed professional boxers for the last fifteen years and felt that boxing and homelessness kind of go together.

DSCN4113I’ve made many friends and contacts in the boxing world who I hope will get behind this project and support it. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and that is where my roots are. Philly fighters are known around the world for their toughness and grit. I’m lucky to have “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon, former two time heavyweight champion from Philly on my board. I’d like to reach out to the whole sports community, too. For that matter, I’m reaching out to everyone for support. K.O. Homelessness will divide all proceeds equally between P.E.C. and Project Home.

I hope you will join me in this important effort.

God bless,
Jimmy Rowan